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Baldessari’s Crowds With Shape of Reason Missing (2012)

In John Baldessari’s Crowds with Shape of Reason Missing (2012), individuals gather together in formation or haphazardly while captivated by the unknown – a somewhat silly white blob. The artist removes the predominant subject of the photographic image and replaces it with the nondescript form. Baldessari chose vintage movie stills that seem at once recognizable and yet unfamiliar. With the main subject gone, the focal point is unclear, which leads us to scan the faces and actions of the crowds: soldiers, onlookers, community members, and harem girls. The viewer then focuses on the reactionary rather than the primary. The artist elucidates: “Erasure is a kind of gap. The imagery that our culture produces tends to have its own coherence and legibility, and the set of expectations that comes with that legibility can be disrupted through visual interventions.” Baldessari effectively transfixes us by barring us from the action; he forces us to reconsider the now voided narrative.

Baldessari Installation View (2)








Baldessari Installation View (1)



<< i wish i didn’t love you or maybe loved you much more. >>

years ago, i shared this beautifully unembellished and candid clip with a lover of mine. he was handsome, intellectually curious, and ever so dark in temperament. i met him just before i was set to move abroad. given the imminent departure, i wanted either to be rid of my feelings for him altogether, or to be so certain that there was no denying them. the latter superseded my rationality and reluctance.