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ross iannatti

Ross Iannatti’s recent body of work Hysterisis uses discarded materials collected from automobile impound lots, specifically the industrial nylon found in the interior of car steering wheels and passenger seats that is often covered in oil, dirt and other imprints from the material’s previous life. Iannatti dissects sections of the nylon, cutting squares and rectangles to create geometric patterns that he then sews together. Informed by the grid, a concept in art making that has evolved over the past century through the work of artists like Kasmir Malevich, Agnes Martin and Sean Scully, the squared patterns of softly colored blues, yellows, pinks and grays are formally compelling.





samira yamin

LOS ANGELES TIMES review by Christopher Knight – Click here.


samira yamin

samira yamin

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The hypnotizing work and meticulous methodology of my friend Samira Yamin.

Her show, We Will Not Fail, is now on view at the SMMoA.

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